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Our definition of venture building is as expert deal architects that take young ventures that have a product or business units from established businesses seeking new markets to access a commercial deal in a new market and build that venture in those regions. In doing so, managing partners and partners at Sutton Stone must have, by themselves or jointly, very high proficiency in business, marketing, technology, finance and legal architectures. In addition, the ability to manage high value relationships is critical.

We’re not an incubator, accelerator or a venture studio. These models are excellent at bringing an idea or concept to a commercial product (or traction). Participants have access to great mentors, the ability to assess a market and iterate to meet a need, in addition to being introduced to suitable investors.


Deal Architecture

This process requires us to be expert deal architects, as many interests are involved. The venture building process is similar to rock climbing. In the simplest of cases, we need to make sure that the target venture and business seeking a solution match seamlessly, much like navigating a tedious climb.

As those deals progress, things must be tweaked in many areas of concern. We are responsible for negotiating and fitting the right solutions. This may involve work in our 5 core competency areas.

In the most complex of cases, the puzzle must fit amongst parties, which may be businesses, experts, government and the like. It is our responsibility to make that fit.

Ventures Seeking Traction

Ventures want to commercialize their products and services in order to gain traction, increase market share, and to justify and or increase their valuation. Commercialization also provides practical feedback to adjust product/service offerings and it helps to evolve these ventures into useful innovative tools for the marketplace. The same applies to established businesses seeking to expand into new regional markets.

Our work includes risk profile assessments, matchmaking, facilitation of contractual relationships with potential clients, business development, and the following five key elements: Business, Technology, Marketing, Finance and Legal. Our team addresses any shortcomings from these Ventures to obtain, and deliver on, commercial contracts with businesses seeking traction.

Before and After Sutton Stone helps a venture fit its product in a new market.

Businesses Seeking Solutions

In order for us to consider a venture, there must first be a real commercial need and it must be actionable within a short time frame. Businesses seeking solutions are willing to try innovative solutions from bright entrepreneurs, and also from other regional markets that believe in the vision, rather than commissioning existing, or legacy solution providers.

These businesses seeking solutions benefit by working directly with future business leaders, tapping directly into innovation and market differentiation, and indirectly becoming innovators.  In addition, the cost of implementation via Our approach is significantly less than what would otherwise be expected.

Businesses seeking solutions are branded as Leaders in the Commercialization of Innovation and New Solutions.

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