Tokenization Consulting Package

The creation of our ICO consulting service has some history that we take pride in. We, Adam Richard and James Duchenne, have been blockchain consultants since 2014, when we formed The Coinsultants, and later changed its name to Sutton Stone. Adam is the founder of the Houston Bitcoin Meetup and the co-founder of the Houston Ethereum Meetup.

Our work with the government of Mauritius stems from James’ (managing partner) position as Honorary U.S. Representative of the Mauritian Board of Investment (BOI) as of 2016. We have created a blockchain and ICO friendly regulatory sandbox. This sandbox enables blockchain startups to pursue business strategies and functionalities that are currently undefined in other jurisdictions, and conduct those actions within the bounds of a legislative license.

There are criteria such as KYC/AML, and so, this framework is best suited for ventures that seek to fulfill regulatory requirements to the best of their ability. We have an extensive network of preferred vendors that will assist you along the way. They have costs that are separate from ours. These are indicated by asterisks to the right.


  • Venture Assessment
  • Goals and your road to success
  • Legal
    • Regulations
      • KYC & AML*
      • Securities*
    • Jurisdictions*
    • Structure
    • Disclaimers
    • Outside legal counsel
  • Incentives
    • Token model
      • Investors
    • Token utility
    • Implications
  • Security
    • Governance
    • Code audit*
  • Operations
    • Organizational model
    • Non-profit structure
    • Agents & contractors
    • ICO processes
    • Team*
    • Marketing*
  • Roadmap & milestones



Our in-house and outside legal teams guide ventures and governments in the areas of AML, KYC, jurisdictions, structure, disclaimers for initial coin offerings (ICOs).


Our research in successful and unsuccessful ICOs help guide us in making sure your strategy is well planned.


We advise on governance strategy and work with vendors for code audits to ensure your integrity.


We specialize in oversight for entity formation and ICO processes in order to ensure your business’ mission, marketing, technology, and philosophy align.

Timelines & KPI’s

At Your Pace

Sutton Stone’s deliverables may take as little as month, but may take up to 6 months based on time-consuming requirements by 3rd parties, such as securities registration, outside legal counsel, the code audit, and marketing.

Assessment to Milestones

Sutton Stone starts with a thorough assessment of your venture. We analyze all aspects that may impact your success and only work with companies that serve a great purpose. We Take you through a clearly defined process and make sure your long-term milestones have impact and are achievable.

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