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What We Do

We empower others to sell by architecting deals and building their ventures in new markets. Part of our vision is to globalize suitable ventures by facilitating their match with businesses or governments seeking solutions. We critically select ventures based on the strength and the ability to commercialize their solutions with the assistance of our executive council and partners locally.

We’ve noticed a predisposition from ventures to access international markets but without the knowhow or the ability to do so. We’ve also noticed that emerging market governments are starving to evolve their economies into innovation centers, knowledge-based economies, and exports.

Driving Innovation

We believe that FDI doesn’t drive innovation and new products, but the reverse—that innovation, the migration of non-consolidated new products and the interaction with a capable local workforce (local absorption) drive innovation based-FDI,


Business Observations


Businesses want to be innovative, but their in-house efforts in some cases fall short. Many don’t understand the required conditions for innovative products to be effective and be commercialized.


Businesses want to differentiate their solutions from the local market by pointing to something that has worked in other markets or the sheer innovative value that a certain product has. This allows them to better compete in their local markets

Deal Flow

Businesses want to have dedicated founders and experts to help them along the way or support them with deploying a product in a cost-effective manner.


Businesses want to acquire knowledge that they can in turn use in other areas to export that knowhow.

Government Observations

New Economic Activity

We introduce new products and ventures to set up in their jurisdictions. This provides more employment in the region.


We help local businesses gain a competitive advantage locally but, also, in time, internationally.

The Protégé Effect

We invite innovation and new products to their region, which in turn allows the population to experiment and use those ideas to develop their own innovative or new products that can compete on a global stage.


We bypass the theoretical to address practical and real implementations in regions where local absorption (capacity to understand and implement) exists.

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