We've restructured into a non-operating holding company.

Venture Builders (2014-2019)
Holding Co. (2019- )

In early 2014, James Duchenne and Adam Richard started Sutton Stone with a vision: to help brilliant entrepreneurs build their businesses and live their dreams.

We had a strong focus in the nascent blockchain technology and digital assets space. Then in 2015, our partnership grew to include two new partners: Laurel Naughton and Matthew Lee, attorneys in the start-up and innovation field.

Over the next few years, we built and assisted dozens of companies, witnessed the explosion of blockchain, and participated in the craze of the tokenized market in 2017.

Matt and Laurel focused at being the start up’s attorney of choice, Adam targeted the capital raise and fund sector, and James continued his involvement in investments and the commercialization of modern businesses. In 2019, Sutton Stone restructured as a non-operating holding company to manage its interests.

Today, operations previously carried on by Sutton Stone migrated to the work our partners do in entities they own, or the professional firms they’ve joined. Laurel and Matt founded Houston-based Lee Naughton, a firm designed to help innovators and early-stage ventures. Adam joined Entoro Capital, a global leader in capital raising for the blockchain space. James founded Ducorp, a family investment company in the middle east with operations in the USA and Mauritius.

This allows our partners more liberty to express their personal touch in the fields they are passionate about. Throughout the years, we’ve enjoyed the work and relationships we’ve cultivated internally and with our clients. We hope for your continued trust under each of our independent corporate houses.

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Adam Richard

Head of Corporate Development and Strategic Partnerships, Entoro Capital. Linkedin. entoro.com. arichard@entoro.com

James Duchenne

Chief Executive Officer, Ducorp and XTM. Linkedin. ducorp.co. james@ducorp.co

Laurel Naughton

Partner, Lee Naughton. Linkedin. leenaughton.com. laurel@leenaughton.com

Matthew Lee

Partner, Lee Naughton. Linkedin. leenaughton.com. matt@leenaughton.com

Sutton Stone Macao.

Sutton Stone Macao provides professional advisory services to the Casino industry and is also a distributor of cash access and loyalty kiosks. It is based in Macau.


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