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Our Manifesto.

James Duchenne

Laurel Naughton

Matthew Lee

Adam Richard

An inclusive future.

Solutions that progress humanity knows no borders or artificial divisions. Yet, innovation is slow to reach new markets, whether from affluent regions to emerging markets or vice versa.

We work to level this playing field, every day.

We are independent thinkers, and are not afraid of the provocative nature of commercializing ambitious ventures around the world. We know that the result is unlocking innovation, productivity and respect in people, irrespective of status.

We are uncompromising in our belief that what we do, together with the tireless contribution of the visionaries we assist, is essential to making the world a better place.

We value people and teams over corporate protocols. We choose big ideas over incremental progress. To the dedicated ones: be different and experiment. We share your progressive attitude.

Our Story

Our partners are entrepreneurs and expert deal architects from diverse professional backgrounds, such as business consulting, marketing, finance, technology and law.  We initially founded Sutton Stone in 2014 to build businesses and help entrepreneurs in the bitcoin and blockchain field.

As our firm grew, we recognized our strengths in guiding young and established businesses on how to get traction for their products. We also found that the right businesses had a good handle in their local markets, but could be years away from considering the international commercialization of their products. Today, we specialize in assisting to supercharge that global presence, together with our partners around the world.

We’re not an incubator, venture capital firm or product distributor. Our focus is to bring together all the ingredients to build and grow ventures in new markets by matching businesses seeking traction to those seeking solutions.  Sometimes, this involves positioning those ventures for raising capital.

Sutton Stone should be the firm you call when you’re dealing with complex and intricate deal architectures or venture building projects. The partners are phenomenal leaders and advisors. Under their guidance, we grew from a start up with no products to a successful and relevant business within the Casino vertical in less than  year.

Diallo Gordon
CEO of Phi Gaming, Las Vegas - Nevada

Sutton Stone, Today

We work to fit all the pieces of the puzzle—from dealing with businesses and government—to launch a product (venture) in a new market.


Phi Gaming, Las Vegas
Casino and Gaming Industry

Phi Gaming is a young business that provides loyalty kiosks and a software platform allowing third parties to deploy innovative rewards applications in casinos where its kiosks are located.  This provides a seamless distribution gateway for those seeking to introduce applications in the casino and gaming industry.

We helped Phi build their solution, and represent it in new markets.


Phoenix Beverage Limited, Mauritius
Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Phoenix is one of the largest distributors of alcoholic products in the Indian Ocean. We architected their distribution of the products in the USA from the ground up, such as obtaining permits and licenses, negotiating with importers and distributors, designing a marketing approach and more.

Our Short Term Goal

We’re building an exclusive investor network to provide a streamlined structure to position ventures we work on (and that need the capital) to find a lead investor or close a financing round. In turn, this benefits investors or financiers looking for curated deal flow of qualified ventures on the basis of their commercialization.

By invitation only. Apply to be considered.

Our Long Term Vision

We’re at the early stages of developing smart micro-hubs or campuses (20 acres) that are adaptable to various regions of the world. However, unlike traditional smart city projects, our focus is to facilitate the commercialization of sought after solutions or expertise in new markets, fostering an innovative culture with the specific identities of the regions and offer living quarters in an area where innovation and knowledge is implemented and used.

Each hub is expected to link with each other and share a similar focus, as well as for frictionless trade and compliance with the help of a government and business communication switch.


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